There are religious teachers that issue religious rules according to which one must conduct oneself with a goal of achieving oneness with God.
Why do we that come from the Source, through different life-forms in this universe, separate from it? Why do we need to merge with the Source again later in life? We are never separated; neither through good, nor through bad. Why then must we obey these people? As long as we don’t hurt others and don’t harm nature, and don’t disrupt anything in a way that could distract us from our purpose, we have no real need to stick to these man-made rules.
Disciplining someone, old or young, just because they didn’t obey rules is a display of power; a power that gives us false confidence, a false sense of satisfaction. It also alienates us from the purpose of our life. Yes, it establishes an order, but it is a visual representation only.



既然我們都從萬物之源而來,以不同生命形式來到這宇宙,又怎會和它分開了?我們為什麼要等在人生後期階段才和萬物之源合一?我們與萬物之源從沒分離過;不論目的是善是惡。 那麼,為什麼必須要服從這些人呢?只要不傷害別人,不傷害大自然,不令我們破壞任何東西或背棄人生目標,實在無真正需要堅守這些人定造的規則。


The Prism of Life (by Ansh Das, Signal 8 Press 2014)

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