All paths lead to the same place.
Some people take an easy path. They do not want to stress over everyday issues. They know there is beauty and peace in everything. So they slow down and live at a pace, which allows them that luxury. They are happy.
Some people lead a life full of adventure, thrill, and risk. They take problems head on, their adrenaline pumping, trying to stay at the top of their game and not allowing themselves to be intimidated by competition.
Both these types of people have a right to live their lives in the way they are living it. They have different methods but their goal is the same; their destination is the same: they will become one with the universe. Then why do we judge people? Why do we think some people are better than others in the way they live their lives and conduct themselves? Why do we admire some people and despise others?
In this journey of life, each one of us has a separate identity and does things differently. But in reality we are no different from each other. Why must we compare people with each other and make a decision as to whether they are living their lives properly? Who are we to judge? Good and bad are the same. Once we stop judging and comparing people, and this includes ourselves, we have the key to simplicity and happiness.



The Prism of Life (by Ansh Das, Signal 8 Press 2014)

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