The real union is of the minds, of the hearts. The physical part of it is temporary. One needs companionship at a deeper level.

Physical – body – looks
Mental – mind – intellect
Spiritual – heart – love

Physical union is easy to find. It brings us pleasure for a short time and then it is gone. We crave it more and more but eventually its effect wears out.
The union of minds is deeper. It grows beyond the appeal of physical beauty. Two minds making love create great ideas, ideas that can help a lot of people. It requires a higher level of thinking. It lasts longer than physical attraction. It is intense.
But true love is at a spiritual level. It is about feeling the beauty in everything around us and inside us. It stems from the heart and connects us all. Yes, we are all connected to each other already. Spiritual love is the ability to see that connection, it is the ability to feel the threads that string us together and yet allow us to suspend freely. It is the recognition that although we may seem different from others, we are just another image – just that the reflection is different. We no longer see through the eyes, we feel it in our hearts. That is the ultimate union.



物質 – 身體 – 外貌
精神 – 思想 – 知識
靈性 – 內心 – 愛情


The Prism of Life (by Ansh Das, Signal 8 Press 2014)

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