Forgiveness comes from a heart that swallows all pride and feels more love than hurt.
Forgiveness is at two levels—self and others. They are equally difficult to execute.
We hurt ourselves for having made wrong choices. We must realize that although we are given choices at all points in life, we may not be wise, strong, or lucky enough to pick the right one; but this doesn’t mean we need to carry this hurt with us for the rest of our time here. Again, we have a choice, and we have to forgive our earlier mistakes. Doing this will enable the heart to feel and generate more love.
Just as we make wrong choices, so do others. They make mistakes. They hurt us in different ways. Just as we forgive ourselves, we can forgive them too. If we don’t forgive them, we will end up carrying the hurt with us for a long time.
When we forgive others for the hurt they have caused us, we do not carry the pain around with us. We let go of it and we let our hearts fill with compassion. We feel good.





The Prism of Life (by Ansh Das, Signal 8 Press 2014)

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