This world is an illusion. Our lives are lessons we must learn. We spend a lot of time negotiating everyday stuff in order to make progress. Even when we are being lazy or abusive towards others, we are making progress towards the ultimate goal—to be one with the Source. This Source is everywhere around us in the form of this universe. It is inside us. Why then must we go through this process? If we are the Source that is inside us, why is there a need to improve?
The collective consciousness of the universe must grow. This is explained and displayed through the expansion of the universe. This is the only thing that happens no matter what scientists prove or disprove. The universe must grow; the Source must grow. This is the reason why we must evolve in our experiences: we must evolve with our memories, our achievements, through different lifetime, towards targets we have decided to meet.
In the world of the universe, or the Source, memories are equivalent to currency. In order to expand the consciousness, we must expand memories. In order to expand memories, we must continue to make them. This takes place through different lifetimes. The tasks, which our lives are based on, are the means through which we create these memories and expand our collective consciousness. No task, then, is good or bad. They all contribute towards the consciousness our universe is made of.

However, the tasks that generate love, peace, and happiness are the ones that contribute the most. Now you know why great leaders always focus on these three attributes—love, peace, and happiness.





The Prism of Life (by Ansh Das, Signal 8 Press 2014)

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