On the morning of 31 May 2017, I took the Hop On Hop Off shuttle from Ayers Rock Resort to Uluru. I got off at Kuniya carpark and headed directly for Mutitjulu waterhole, where I sat down to meditate. Although I had picked a time when the flow of tourists would be slow, I got distracted several times by kids that ran in from nowhere, shouting with glee. After some time, I gave up and walked around to find another spot. There was a circular shed midway, between the waterhole and the carpark, that looked perfect. I sat down and opened my Akashic Records.


“Welcome. Welcome, son, the one who brings light into this place. A light that is much required by the people in this region, for a balance needs to be struck between the masculine and the feminine. It is not that the place doesn’t hold either energy, it is that the people have forgotten that one cannot survive without the other. Your mission is to anchor that love and balance into this special place for this is also the sacral chakra of Mother Earth, Gaia, as you call her. You are guided and through this guidance you have managed to do beautiful things. Worry not of your being unable to meet that which is required of you today, for by being here, you already have. We want to put to rest all your own fears of failure, for this self-doubt gets in the way of your manifesting that which you desire. Not once must you doubt divine union for that is the will of God. That is why you are here. To let go of all these fears. To be more direct in the stories you tell yourself rather than let your self-doubt get in the way. Self-doubt is the biggest hindrance you have towards aligning with divine will. Today we let that go, okay?”
Yes. Thank you. I need that.
“Then so be it. To complete the powers of manifestation, you shall visualize, vocalize, think, and communicate only that which you want. Never shall you focus on any form of negativity, for that slows you down and pulls you back. Remember that you are divine, you hold divine energy within you, you hold divine will within you. There is never a time you are not working towards it, but you just don’t remember yet. That is okay. This is your journey. Know this much that you have the ability to remember and recall anything you want to. This will be evident when you start trusting and allowing divine energy to flow through you without obstructing it with self-doubt. Self-doubt is fear. Fear doesn’t exist, love does. Then focus on love; only love will guide you towards alignment. We love you. We hope you feel that.”
I do.
“Then enjoy this lovely journey. Follow your heart. Always forever. :)”
How do I anchor these energies?
“By allowing yourself to become a vessel, a channel that brings in the energies to this place. That is your primary objective for time to come. Be the vessel wherever you go. That is going to anchor these energies in. Yeshua and Magdalene, who are right behind you now, will always walk with you from now on, guiding you as you make your way from one place to another. As you meet people, you let them feel their divine presence by just being there. That is the way it is to be. No more self-doubt. You asked about Dreamtime. What do you think it is? Everywhere around you (living landscape, people) is the Dreamtime. The people here do not go to a far-off place to get their stories, their inspiration. They see it here around them, all the time. That is what allows them to stay connected in harmony with the environment and also with each other. No, it is not about evolution stories. That is misunderstood. Those are stories. The real world is beyond what you perceive as a human, that is Dreamtime. That is what the ancient people of this place are tapping into. And, so have you from time to time. Your question is about your union, how do you communicate with him through Dreamtime. No, it is not just about visiting him or guiding him through his dreams, for he has his own guidance from up above. He is your equal and this is the lesson you must understand and accept. And, that is the essence of the balance of the masculine and feminine energies. They are equal and complementary. They are not opposing forces. They keep each other in balance and check. That is what has been disturbed over the past few centuries, as you know. That is what is being restored — the balance. The harmony — that is what helps one ascend to the next level, one more step closer to merging with the Source. This time is of extreme importance, the significance of which is immense. The entire universe is watching and they are watching you. Your mission, which you always worry about, was mentioned to you before. You are here to stop that tilt by your own choice, for you felt worthy enough of this task, this mammoth task. You are not the only one that chose to come here but you do understand and sometimes you remember it clearly, beyond the veil of forgetfulness that covers the vision of others. It does not put you at a superior level, but it does put a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, and that’s why your work is of great importance. Do not be bothered about name, fame, and game (haha) for you are one amongst many that you perceive to be separate from you. The truth is you are one with the One, which means you are one with everybody in your human existence. That is Dreamtime. That oneness, that support for each other, that love which strings you together even when you are in your self-imposed suspension of separateness. You cannot separate yourself form those you wish to help, or those that need or ask your for help.
The three questions then are the driving factors. That’s why you remember that lesson so well but you are just getting there in terms of living in that way.
The most important time is NOW.
The most important person is YOU (or the one with you NOW, in your perceived separation).
The most important deed is to DO that person GOOD.
This is the very essence of Godliness in human form. Once you know this and realize this, it becomes second nature to you. Once that happens, your Godliness flows through you. And, when that happens, the people around you get to take a sip from the holy, sacred, loving, Godly waterhole that you have thus become.”
How beautiful!
“Sketch now. Enjoy your day, for your work is now done. :)”
I love you guys.


I sketched the view in front of me and also a part of the ground beside me. I was in altered state. It felt as if everything was alive and fluid. There was so much going on at both spiritual and physical levels, as I felt the energies integrating into me.

When I was finally done, I got up and walked around the base of the giant rock. There was a fenced off area where only the Anangu women were allowed to go in to attend to women’s business; photography was prohibited there.
I walked by tourists who were discussing about climbing Uluru, as have countless others before them, against the wishes of the polite Aboriginal owners of the land. The climb holds high spiritual value for the Anangu. Doing so as an outsider, without following proper rituals, would mean great disrespect to the people and to the land itself. I did not want to climb it. There would be an announcement in November that year to close the climb from from 26 October 2019.

I remembered Alma saying I would pick up a rock on this trip. But, I didn’t want to take any rock or even sand from Uluru with me. It is a sacred place and it should stay that way. I learned later that some people who had taken rocks and sand from Uluru and Kata Tjuta had been riddled with bad luck. They had sent the rocks back to the park along with letters of apology. That’s why those rocks that were returned are called Sorry Rocks.

As I walked along the road towards the Cultural Centre, I got a chance to observe beautiful plants, stunning flowers, and even small anthills. A swarm of flies descended from nowhere and attempted to sit on every exposed part of my body. While I had a scarf over my head, I had to wave my arms to push them away. It must have looked hilarious from a distance. Later that evening, I walked around the resort taking photographs of the beautiful birds that lived in the trees on the premises. I felt relaxed. My work at Uluru was over. It was very different from how I had imagined it to be.

On the following day, as the plane took off for Sydney, I looked down from the sky to say goodbye to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Together they constitute the solar plexus chakra of the earth. They also carry the energies of the sacral chakra, which happens to be in South America. The two chakras lie on the Rainbow Serpent leyline, which carries feminine dragon energy. Bali, the world purification centre, is connected to Uluru via this leyline.

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