We are born with a purpose. While most of us have no recollection of it during the childhood years, we begin to get an idea of where we are going in this lifetime.
But as with everything, we are distracted from our purpose. We indulge in things that keep us away from our goal, the real one we were born with. We feel lost, confused, and frustrated. Nothing seems to go our way. Even when we have an abundance of physical wealth, experience, friendships, etc., we begin to drift away from ourselves. We get carried away by these waves of distraction. They pull us away from our destination—the light. These confusions trigger what most of us feel is a midlife crisis, only these occur so often (even when we may have thought or done something to suppress them) that we may even call them several midlife crises.
It is important to understand that these confusions, these frustrations, and these crises occur because we are out of alignment with our purpose in life. We may have moved away from it even. But we should take heart from the fact that we realize something is amiss. We should take that as a signal to wake up and use it as an opportunity to get our life back on track. Spirituality will help us know where we stand and what we stand for. This will give us the courage to seek out our purpose again.
It is okay to have a little fun along the way, but do not be distracted from the destination itself. Be sincere towards achieving your purpose in life.


但正如一切,我們會從既有之目的分心。我們沉迷於各項事情,遠離了與生俱來的目標。我們感到失落、迷茫和沮喪。 一切似乎困難重重。即使擁有豐盛的物質財富、經驗,友誼等,我們也開始偏離自己的路,被這些一浪接一浪的俗務所迷惑。 這些俗務把我們拉離最終點 -「光」。這困惑引發大多數人所感到的中年危機,只是當發生得如此頻繁(即使我們曾想過或做過一些事去壓抑),中年危機已甚至變成不止一個。


The Prism of Life (by Ansh Das, Signal 8 Press 2014)

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