As we rush through daily life, we often forget to stop and enjoy little things. We forget to live in the moment. We are always in a hurry to get somewhere or to get something. Delays irritate, frustrate, anger, and sadden us.
We often forget that time is relative. Without a reference point, time means very little. Most often than not, we place ourselves right in the middle of it, anchor in a starting point and start worrying about a lot of stuff, some of which is not necessary. We are rude to ourselves; we are rude to others. We hurt ourselves; we hurt others.
To someone observing time without a reference point, it would appear fluid with no beginning and with no end.
When we know everything is relative then why do we anchor ourselves in time? When we know that no situation is permanent then why do we bother about time? That which we have now may not exist later and yet at the same time that which does not exist will be created.
How can we explain time when we find an eternity in a moment and a moment an eternity?





The Prism of Life (by Ansh Das, Signal 8 Press 2014)

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