He who knows how to love, knows how to leave. Love is the bond between two souls, but there are times when it stops the soul from evolving. When the soul realigns itself with its life purpose, it has much to do but is unable to move forward. It has to try and let go. Letting go doesn’t mean severing all ties, for that which was destined to happen has happened, the universe has brought us together for a purpose, and now the universe is pulling us apart so we can both grow. The love that lets go is a greater love than the one that hangs on. True love can never be forced; it is to be felt. And if it is time for us to let go, we will let it go for the good of both.
Love is beautiful. We should be happy we could feel it. Now we need to let go.





The Prism of Life (by Ansh Das, Signal 8 Press 2014)

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