As with all our insecurities, jealousy preys on our confidence, compassion, and contentment.
We have been brought up in a society where we are constantly compared with others. We are taught to accept competition as the sure success of survival in this over-challenged and over-populated world. We must be better than others in terms of looks, wealth, achievements, etc. But the basic principle of comparison is flawed.
We always need something to compare with something else. So the result is really relative. Those two things may already be great by their own right, but the second we compare them with each other, we feel one gains in value and the other loses. The point is that in the game of comparison, both parties are losers.
If we think we are better than the one we are comparing ourselves to, then we take false pride. It stems from the perception that we are in some way superior. However, having established that thought, we continue to work towards ensuring we maintain that perceived lead at all times. This makes us worry even more as we think we need to do better. What if the other person catches up?
If we think we are worse than the other person, then it makes us feel miserable. Either we try our best to upstage them or we simply give in to thinking we aren’t good enough. We will never be good enough.
So we have taken an absolute loving and peaceful situation and made it rather complicated and negative.
Insecurity, low confidence, lack of peace, and restlessness are self-defeating qualities. No person is good or bad but they lose their value when we compare them with others.





The Prism of Life (by Ansh Das, Signal 8 Press 2014)

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