We read in the newspapers and on the Internet; we see it on the TV: there is so much chaos in the world. It is all around us. How lucky we are in comparison! We have organized lives; we follow schedules. We are proud of ourselves for establishing utter calmness in our lives. But what is this calmness we feel so proud of? What meets the eye is not what we need to see.
The surface of a lake is calm but the water is not. The water molecules are in constant motion. The fishes in the lake are in constant motion. So how can there be calmness?
What we perceive as calmness is in reality a state of chaos. We lie down in our beds towards the end of a long day and smile at how calm we feel. But in reality, the molecules, the blood, the proteins, and the air inside our bodies are in constant motion. We insist we are calm because we are feeling comfortable. The mind seeks comfort out of the chaos within and projects calmness onto the body.
When we are able to do this in our subconsciousness, without needing to try hard, how great then will the calmness be if we were actually being mindful of it!
Then why do we react to all the negativity around us? It is because we seek this calmness from outside. That which we seek outside us lies within.






The Prism of Life (by Ansh Das, Signal 8 Press 2014)

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